Enjoy the Journey: Pretty Pictures From Bike Tour

Traveling by bicycle is a wonderful way to enjoy the process of getting somewhere, in fact that is half the fun. On the course of tour it was enchanting to explore the places in between our destinations.

When you are traveling at the speed of a bicycle you can catch better views of blue herons wading in wet lands and check out some of the scenic treasures of back roads.

photo(36) Albany Park in Corvallis, OR

During the workshop at Eco Fusion Fitness we rode over to Avery Park. It is a wonderful spot that even has dinosaur bones to play on, featured in the background of this picture. You can bet after doing a little bit of yoga we ran over to play!

Corvallis has bike lanes on almost all of the streets and it was very easy to navigate around town. I enjoyed biking along the waterfront and the rural road that led us to town from the Albany Train Station. When

From Bellingham to B.C.

photo(35)One of the most epic days of tour began just South of Bellingham at the Lookout Arts Quarry (photo on the right). Tom and I woke up in a teepee, one of the many creative dwellings at the Quarry. I took a morning dip in the clear and cool water and then we set off to Canada.

This day was some of my favorite riding in part because we got to see a diversity of landscapes from green filled forests, farmland and beaches.


This pier between Fairhaven and Bellingham was meant for moving slow and taking in the views.

Below is a road in Surrey, B.C. right after crossing the border before we headed up the hills to White Rock, where we caught transit into the city of Vancouver. I love the epic vistas of coast lines with islands in the distance. As someone who hails from a land locked state, Islands and large bodies of water still enchant me.


photo(33)Vancouver Island, B.C.

For the majority of the route from the Ferry Terminal at Swartz Bay to Victoria Tom and I were able to take the Lochside Trail. It was a good trail that again really highlighted the terrain of the island. We biked by waterfront parks, farms with really big pigs and even this hidden spot that was made for people named Kelli and had adorable recycled art that I of course totally loved.

photo(32)Port Angeles to Port Townsend

I can’t totally remember exactly where we were along the Olympic Discovery Trail when Tom took this one. All I know is we went over a lot of really epic bridges on this trip! This ride challenging yet worth it. The Olympic Peninsula does not hold back on her hills, but her views and forests are lovely.

I am very inspired to go back and spend more time bike camping on the Olympic Peninsula, but I have to admit, this time I would leave the books at home!

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