Remember to Recover

Recently I have been really inspired to slow down both on the mat and on my bicycle. When you slow down you have greater awareness of your body and what is happening around you. Sometimes I feel like a nag when mutter from my bike, “slow down” to speedy passers by who aren’t paying much attention. In my classes I remind people to “take child’s pose” or “just rest” throughout class.

I remind you all to slow down as a method to remind myself.

We hurry a lot. I say this as a chronic over-scheduler who loves to take on multiple projects. This pattern of stress-out then burn-out is one I am trying hard to break. Taking time to relax, not be rushed and rest are important for breaking that cycle.

Working hard (physically and/ or mentally) is no doubt good for you, but it is important to balance out hard work with recovery time. The most basic way to recover is to take a nap or go to bed. Refresh your brain and your body with sleep.

Release the front of your body with supported bridge pose.

Release the front of your body with supported bridge pose.

Or try gentle yoga poses. Some of my favorite poses are supported with the ground, wall, bolsters, even your bed.

Get comfortable & Stay put

If you want to focus on a gentler practice please join me for the Lullaby class over at The Grinning Yogi where we will slow down, stretch out and take time to breathe.

Lullaby Class @ The Grinning Yogi on Wednesdays  9pm – 10 pm.

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