Pedal, Stretch, Pronto!

If you haven’t ridden Pronto Cycle Share, give it a try with me on March 22 as apart of the #Womenwhoride celebration. Pedal, Stretch, Pronto is a relaxing afternoon of…yoga and bike riding!

Meet us at the South Lake Union Park Station for a simple, yoga-inspired warm-up followed by a leisurely ride towards the University District and another round of stretching under the blooming cherry trees. No yoga mat needed! For more information or to RSVP, click here.

Picture from Seattle Bike Blog's #ILookGoodonaPronto ride

Picture from Seattle Bike Blog’s #ILookGoodonaPronto ride


This is my little ode to the walk/ Pronto combo:

I pack my bag lightly, no U-lock to weigh me down.
I take a casual stroll to the closest Pronto station, stopping to notice the freakishly early, but always lovely cherry blossoms on my walk.
I sip the last remaining drips of my morning coffee and stash my cup in my bag.
At Pronto station, I eye the bike with the lowest seat (and then lower it a little more), slip the key fob in and wait for the green light.
I snap my helmet into place and glide effortlessly down Capitol Hill.
I release the Pronto bike back into the corral and walk away.
Liberated, not worrying about my precious bike still being at the rack when I return.

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