Private Instruction

Customized yoga instruction

First Class $75

Small Group Instruction

Pre-Ride Warm Up
Customized yoga based warm-up that works with your event to stretch out riders

30 minutes $30
60 minutes $60

Rest & Relaxation Clinics

An active recovery is an important element of cyclist self-care. Kelli will lead a restorative yoga class that focuses specifically on poses that benefit cyclists

75 Minute Class $ 75
90 Minute Class $ 90

For studio space rental add $15 per hour

Weekly Classes

In Capitol Hill I teach at The Grinning Yogi

Yoga Jolt: 12:15-12:50 pm on Wednesdays & Fridays
Grooving Flow: 7-8:15 am on Tuesdays & Thursdays; 9:30-10:45 am Thursdays

If you live in the Madison Valley Area join me Saturday 10:30-11:45am  at Denali Fitness.

Follow me on Twitter @yogaforbikers to get the latest updates on when I am subbing and class workshops!

Other Offerings

  • Yoga for Two will give you a chance to explore the stability and depth of working with someone else. This includes postures where you and your partner work together to find balance and opening in the body. You’ll also practice easy and delightful adjustments to help your partner relax. Yoga for two is also available as a semi-private lesson for two people who want to deepen a partner practice. For more information please email me
  • Yoga Trades- Are you a artisan, crafter, mechanic or other skilled person who is into trading things like supplies, working on my bicycle or graphic design for private yoga classes? Email me at

3 responses to “Offerings

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  2. Many moons ago when I was about 30 years younger, I would ride my cruiser down a big bike path hill at UCSC. The path went through meadows and the ocean was my horizon. I refused to use lights. I flew down that hill with my feet on the handlebars, like some crazy batgirl. Never saw another soul back then and the deer stayed off the path. I am too old to risk that now but I sure treasure the memory!

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