Yoga Retreats

We had a great retreat! Thank you to all of our participants, teachers and helpers who made it possible! I will keep you posted on future retreats here!

Grounding and Growing: Using Yoga and Nature to Connect Deeply and Unearth Creativity

In this retreat we will hold space for people of all experience levels to deepen their yoga practice, explore movement and meditation, and develop nourishing rituals to channel creativity. Participants will walk away with a deeper connection to the life within and around them and the inspiration to stream creativity from the mat to the world and back.

On your own and as a group, you will tap into the nurturing flow of body, mind, spirit, and earth.  Featured workshops: Advanced Yoga Asana, Partner Yoga, Mythological Yoga, Herb Walks, Creative Movement, Meditation, Journal Therapy and more. Our vegetarian meals will be a delicious course in nourishment. Throughout, there will be time to soak in, explore, and enjoy Doe Bay.

I will be teaching Mythological Yoga where we will embody the legends from around the world. I will also be leading an herb walk where I will have my first opportunity to share the lessons from my herbalism Apprenticeship with Crow’s Daughter Mystery School.

For the complete information please check out the Grounding & Growing Retreat Website here.

One response to “Yoga Retreats

  1. this looks awesome! will anyone be biking to the retreat? anyone interested in a group ride (part or all of the way from Seattle (maybe a train/bike combo?))?

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